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A week in Nashville...


Chance McKinney After spending 19 of the past 27 weeks out on the road, it's time to make a trip to the homeland.  I can't say I'm not lookin' forward to a couple months of "downtime" before we get geared up for the Summer Run of shows.  Already on the books are John Rich, Sebastian Bach, Dwight Yoakam, Dierks Bentley, Sunny Sweeney, Steve Azar, Phil Vassar and Alan Jackson.

I'm totally lookin' forward to this week in Nashville.  Not only will I get an opportunity to sit down with some good friends (my booking agent BS, my attorney WH and my co-writer KL), but I'll also get to meet with some folks who could take this to another level AND write at a clinic with some of the greatest writers of all time (Rivers Rutherford and Bob DiPiero).

This is just ONE of the many cool aspects of this job.  It's ONE that off-sets so many of the negatives we hear about in the media.  The friendships that exist "behind the scenes" and the creation of new music keep me going.  The idea of bringin' something new to the table (whether it be songs, bookings, appearances, whatever) is always an exciting time especially when it comes to making a living at something you love.

Back on the road in April, but for now... it's "creativity" time and "family" time.  See you soon, CM

New TOUR DATES added as of 03/09/11


Chance McKinney n' CrossWire have added additional 2011 Tour Dates to their online schedule (  More Tour Dates are on the way as Summer and Fall scheduling gets finalized for the National artist.  Rumored dates include, Sunny Sweeney, Phil Vassar, Steve Azar, Alan Jackson, Three Dog Night, Dwight Yoakam, Dierks Bentley, Little Big Town and Blake Shelton.

Country Done Come To Town

There's a right foot, there's a left foot, and then there's a RICH foot!  2011 sure starts off with a bang for Chance McKinney and the CrossWire boys.  John Rich, of Big n' Rich, will invade the Pacific Northwest by taking over the Little Creek Casino Events Center.  Chance McKinney n' CrossWire will open the show and then turn it over to the Godfather of Nashville's Musik Mafia!

You know you're in the "Big Time" when John Rich is in the house throwin' not-so "Holy Water" from the stage.  He's "Comin' To Your City" Shelton, WA and it's time to get "Lost In This Moment" with CMCW and John Rich! So "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" and head on out to the Little Creek Casino January 29th for the biggest country party to kick off 2011.  The man is "Somewhere Between Hell and Amazing Grace", but he's "Shuttin' Detroit Down" to get up to the Pacific Northwest.  So grab your tickets at:

It's gonna get real... "LOUD!"

The Little Creek Casino is also pleased to announce than Chance McKinney n' CrossWire will not only OPEN for John Rich, but will also perform at the John Rich AFTER PARTY.  With your purchase of a concert ticket, you'll gain FREE access to the Starlight Lounge where CMCW will keep the night rollin'.  Who knows?  With all the prizes we're giving away, maybe John Rich himself (a known party connoisseur) will make an additional appearance and join the boys in "Shuttin' Shelton Down!"

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Welcoming a RICH beginning to 2011!

January 2011 heats up another year for Chance McKinney n' CrossWire!  Just announced, Chance n' the boys will sign on with John Rich (of Big n' Rich) for a show at the Little Creek Casino (Skookum Events Center) on January 29th, 2011.  Stay tuned for further updates, ticket links, etc.